The Hostilities in Shanghai in 1932

The races, the hunt and Shanghai Municipal Council Route March

Naturally, Winston was a member of the Shanghai Race Club (img017) and the administrative building is shown in img012. We see horses being paraded in an enclosure before the race (img095), the race finish (img062 & 064) and the winner being lead from the course (img061 & 063).

It should be no surprise that Winston is a member of the Christmas Hunt in Yingkow, December 1932 (img051-060); yes, even in Shanghai, but no dogs or foxes, just cross-country riding. Winston is definitely in img053, possibly the man of the right who has dismounted to check something. Under the photograph, Prudence has written “BUSY LAD DEC 1932”. These photos might show the Shanghai Paper Hunt in which the route to be followed was marked by coloured paper. Although women were eventually accepted, this particular hunt appears to be an all-male affair (img055). Notice a common form of transport, the wheelbarrow (img051-052). That could be Prudence and Primrose in img052! And a wheelbarrow race was sometimes a part of the entertainment. The scene in img057 could have been photographed in the English countryside except for the couple of Chinese onlookers. One wonders what the local Chinese farmers thought of these outlandish foreigners galloping across their fields in Winter.

Another annual spectacle that drew the crowds was the Shanghai Municipal Council Route March (img049-050), a bit of military pomp and show to demonstrate who was really in control, despite any unwanted Japanese disturbances. This particular march took place in December 1932. Notice the cigarette advertisement for Capstan above one of the buildings in img047 and the rickshaw “coolie” still at work at the right-hand edge of img050.

img049-064 are larger, professional photographs 14.5 by 10 cm. They have a number or code in pencil on the back and most have the stamp of Wei Fong Photo Company, 88 Bubbling Well Road, Shanghai.