The souvenir photographs

The souvenir photographs 2018-09-04T11:24:17+10:00

The Hostilities in Shanghai in 1932

The souvenir photographs

A number of images are souvenir photographs stamped with an identifying number on the back and probably ordered by number from a window display or catalogue. These include the ones that are probably taken in Kiangwan (img115-119). Two images have Chinese characters on the front and two have the impression of “Weipong, Shanghai”.

Weipong, Shanghai was probably a photographer active in the 1920 and 30s. See other examples at:

These photographs are possible Nationalist Government propaganda aimed at increasing confidence in the Chinese army as one that was modern and well equipped with the latest foreign weapons.

There is a Chinese officer on horseback (img168), Chinese infantry emplacements (img174, 178-179, 181-182, 186 & 199), anti-aircraft gun emplacements (img173 & 187) and machine gun emplacements (img183-184), Japanese tanks (img180) and various military engagements (img211 & 243-246).

img Number stamped on back img Number stamped on back
img115 1065 img116 1113
img117 1119 img118 1091
img119 1099 img168 979
img173 Chinese characters front lower left img174 1002
img175 985 img176 1057
img178 1020 img179 No number
img180 1060 img181 No number
img182 1073 img183 Chinese seal front lower right
img184 1058 img185 1118
img186 No number img187 1006
img188 1124 img189 1121
img190 1039 img191 No number
img192 1074 img193 No number
img194 1130 img195 1053
img196 1133 img197 1123
img198 1139 img199 No number
Ing202 No number img207 No number
img211 1025 img240 Impression of “Weipong Shanghai” front lower left
img243 Impression of “Weipong Shanghai” front lower left img244 952
img245 951 img246 943
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